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Time Off Initiative & COVID Testing

Originally Posted on February 02, 2021

With Super Bowl time upon us it has come to our attention that members either did not understand or did not read the BOP release from 15DEC20 on the new time off initiative. It clearly states that all time off requests would have to be a minimum of 14 days prior. This language was agreed upon by the lodge to make the initiative run smoother. The 10 day minimum for personal day requests in Section 11.3 of the CBA is no longer effective. If this is an issue specific to you for this weekend, please contact the lodge ASAP so we can try and find a solution.

The department is beginning to make rapid COVID self-testing available for members. This will be strictly voluntarily. It is designed to give added peace of mind to members and their family members, especially those who at higher risk. Sometimes they get it right and this is one of those times.


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