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Time Off Initiative

Originally Posted on December 03, 2020

The Lodge reached agreement with the Department on a time off initiative this morning. It increases the maximum percent off allowed from 15% to 30%. This is for District Law Enforcement only. It will work in the following way;

  • Officers will submit time off requests 14 days or more prior to the date (s)
  • They will be granted or denied time no less than 7 days prior to the day requested.
  • Manpower will be augmented by a vri- like initiative by areas. Officers can sign up to work their RDO’s or Furlough segments. As long as there are enough volunteers, up to 30% , everyone would get their time off. Volunteers would come from in district first ( district of assignment ) and then patrol area secondly if needed and strictly by seniority. Time off requests CANNOT be denied as long as their is manpower available. Volunteer list must be exhausted before days off can be cancelled.
  • This is a Memorandum of Understanding that is protected by the grievance and arbitration procedures. It has a guarantee of 2 years through the end of 2022.

There are details still being addressed. The FOP will maintain a copy of the volunteer lists to monitor proper enactment of the program. Any questions, please call the Lodge during normal business hours.

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