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Unacceptable Events

Originally Posted on June 15, 2016

The Lodge is well aware of this afternoon's developments concerning the release without charging of an offender who was recently arrested for an aggravated battery to one of our Officers. Upon learning what occurred, we immediately contacted the affected Officers to ensure that the Lodge would find out what went so terribly wrong with this investigation.

The Lodge then contacted the ASA's office and Superintendent Johnson for an explanation as to how this could have possibly occurred. Superintendent Johnson indicated to us that the case remains an active investigation and is still being reviewed by the ASA. To that end, we collectively await a positive conclusion to this investigation.

As with any investigation involving an injury to one of our own, we are very, very concerned when the person responsible is not held accountable. As members of the Chicago Police Department, we are more than tired of being considered by some to be second class citizens and not worthy of the same protections under the law guaranteed to any other citizen.

Upon taking the oath, our job is to enforce the law and protect the law abiding members of society; not to be victimized or be subjected to criminal behavior and certainly not to have perpetrators avoid responsibility for actions taken against us. Enough is enough.

We demand the Department and the ASA continue this investigation and proceed with securing the proper charges that are so very obvious to anyone aware of this recent situation. We call on the ASA's office to do their job and charge this person accordingly.

Further developments will be shared with the Membership as information comes to the Lodge.


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