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Underwood Vs. City Of Chicago Update

Originally Posted on July 03, 2017

The Appellate Court decision is out and here is a synopsis of Clint Krislov’s interpretation.

  • The covered class entitled to lifetime benefits including all of Class 3 and most of Class 4 that means anyone hire before June 16, 2003
  • Everyone who became a “participant in the system” (hired before June 16, 2003) by the 2003 settlement is entitled to lifetime benefits
  • The ruling includes Class 1, 2,3 (hired by August 23, 1989) and most of Class 4 (post August 23, 1989 hires)
  • The Appellate Court views the only protected benefit is the $55/$21 a month contribution for Police and Fire and $25 a month for Laborers
  • The ruling doesn’t address those hire before April 1, 1986 who do not qualify for Medicare.

There is 35 days to appeal to the Illinois Supreme Court.

The fight continues.


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