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Originally Posted on November 18, 2020


During these unprecedented times, the City and Police Department have shown total disregard for the physical well- being of our members.

They decided that in-service training is more important than COVID concerns that the rest of the city is urged to take extreme precautions to limit or avoid exposure. Apparently, this does NOT seem to apply to CPD members who are obligated to attend training at all costs—even though such training should be suspended, in keeping with the intent of the Statewide Tier Three Resurgence Mitigations issued earlier and the City of Chicago advisory issue yesterday that all meetings be limited to ten persons.

Given the indifference of these decisions, the FOP recommends that any department member who has any legitimate COVID concerns should NOT report to training in classes with more than ten persons present and instead report to their unit of assignment as usual. You will get a training deviation. The Lodge will challenge ALL deviations in a group format EACH day that will cover all training locations for affected members.

This is not a job action prohibited by the CBA. This is advisory. It's an individual choice each member needs to make for themselves. There is no guarantee that we win a reversal of the deviations, but we will exhaust every option fighting.


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