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Vaccine Mandate Update 10/1/21


As of now, the City has not issued a formal mandate. Only draft proposals have been presented by each side. As of today, any compliance with the self-reporting vaccination portal is strictly VOLUNTARY. The City is pushing the implementation of reporting vaccine status by the arbitrary Oct. 15th deadline set by the Mayor. The Unions are attempting to negotiate/bargain in good faith while the City repeatedly issues emails that are causing confusion and anxiety with the membership. We expect another meeting and response from the City early next week, but no set date has been agreed to yet.

In an attempt to keep you informed,without compromising the negotiation process, we anticipate the City to maintain the 10/15/21 date for REPORTING YOUR VACCINE STATUS ONLY. There will likely be a testing option available for a period of time, after implementation of the policy, through the end of the year at least.

We cannot speculate on or divulge our legal position and judicial options at this point. The hope is to negotiate an agreed policy between the Unions and City. We commit to exhausting all options to protect our members rights and address their legitimate concerns.

President John C. Catanzara Jr.

Fraternal Order of Police

Chicago Lodge #7

Vaccine Mandate Update 10/1/21

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