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3% Pension at age 55

The Chicago FOP is grateful to Senator Bill Cunningham for his solid leadership on this bill and other public safety issues and to Senator Rob Martwick for his sponsorship of SB 1631 to help Chicago's police officers' pension.  This important bill removes a birthdate restriction on eligibility at age 55 for a 3% automatic annual increase in retirement annuity that is not subject to a maximum increase of 30%. SB 1631 is similar to a law Senator Martwick successfully sponsored for Chicago Firefighters recently. This bill is an important step to help our first responders as they approach their retirement after serving the people of Chicago.  We greatly appreciate Senator Hartwick's efforts, and we look forward to working in a productive bipartisan manner with Senate President Don Harmon and Senate Republican Leader John Curran and their Caucuses on this and other important Legislation. 


John Catanzara Jr. 


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3% Pension at age 55 information: 

During the previous FOP Lodge #7 administration, Local 2 Firefighters Association received an automatic 3% pension cola at the age of 55 regardless of your birth date and, we did not.

The current FOP Lodge #7 administration has been working closely with the legislature in Springfield to correct this wrong.

This week Senate bill 1631 has been introduced to give FOP Lodge #7 members the pension benefit that is truly deserved.

Link to SB1631


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