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Closed - Monday, February 20, 2023 in observance of Washington's Birthday
We are closed on Monday, February 20, 2023 in observance of Washington's Birthday.

Chicago Lodge 7 Members: Governor Ron DeSantis would appreciate your support at an event on Monday, February 20 to Back the Blue! This event is open to law enforcement members only, spouses are not included. It will be held in Elmhurst, Illinois. Doors will open at 3:30 pm, the location of the event will be shared with registrants that RSVP, 48 hours prior to the event. https://airtable.com/shrQqAZDFydrjU41V

Election Update - February 15, 2023
In a February 10, 2023 decision, the Election Committee (“Committee”) unanimously agreed there was no reliable means to determine the number of cast ballots returned to the election PO Box at any point in time, and therefore, decided it would not publish estimates of ballots received prior to March 3rd when the PO Box will be opened, and the ballots counted. On February 13th, candidate Bob Bartlett notified the Committee he was appealing the Committee’s February 10th decision. On Februar...

Standing with Sean
Donate Today! This past October, Sean was diagnosed with Stage 4 High-Grade Signet Ring Cell Adenocarcinoma of the Appendix. As we know with cancer, Sean will be in for a long battle that will come with a financial burden as he will be taking time away from the Chicago Police Department to focus on his health. Sean is the father of three wonderful children and husband to his wife Vivian. His family and friends want to help the Lucas family in every way possible, and we are hoping to raise m...

The Election Committee has received requests from both slates to regularly provide the number of returned ballots to the P.O Box. There is no means by which the Election Committee could provide an accurate number of ballots returned. First, the Election Committee, in retaining the P.O. Box, specifically contracted with the Post Office that no one, including the Election Committee, may access the P.O. Box until the morning of March 3, 2023. Accordingly, the Election Committee cannot view the c...

Closed - Monday, February 13, in observance of Lincoln's Birthday
We are closed Monday, February 13, 2023 in observance of Lincoln's Birthday.

3% Pension at age 55
The Chicago FOP is grateful to Senator Bill Cunningham for his solid leadership on this bill and other public safety issues and to Senator Rob Martwick for his sponsorship of SB 1631 to help Chicago's police officers' pension.  This important bill removes a birthdate restriction on eligibility at age 55 for a 3% automatic annual increase in retirement annuity that is not subject to a maximum increase of 30%. SB 1631 is similar to a law Senator Martwick successfully sponsored for Chicago...

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We pledge ourselves to promote the health and welfare of all Chicago Law Enforcement Officers and their immediate families; to raise and maintain the professional standards of the Chicago Law Enforcement Officer; and to represent Chicago Police Officers in affairs relative to the administration of the department.

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