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Retiree Dues Policy
Originally Posted on December 28, 2017 When a Retired Member fails to pay his/her dues in a timely manner, by the 1st day of November in each calendar year for the following year, the Member may be allowed to re-acquire their Member in Good Standing status by paying the current dues that are in arrears and submitting an Electronic Withdrawal Authorization form for the Policeman's Annuity and Benefit Fund to the Lodge. The Lodge will then accept the dues are in arrears, re-establishing t...

Beneficiary Information Error On 2018 FOP ID Card
Originally Posted on December 28, 2017 The Lodge has received quite a few calls this morning from Members who are noticing that the Beneficiary listed on their 2018 FOP ID card handout is incorrect. After investigating, the Lodge discovered that the members' names were inserted into the beneficiary line, instead of the actual beneficiaries' names. Rest assured, the Lodge has the correct information in our system.

Originally Posted on December 19, 2017 2018 FOP Books will be mailed out on Friday December 22, just as they are every year, keep an eye on your mail. However, the extra FOP books will not be delivered to our office until January 15, 2018. If you do not receive your book contact us after that date as there is nothing we can do to help you before then. As usual if you wish to have extra books they will be available for purchase in the FOP store January 15th for $3.00. Thank you, Have a Me...

Originally Posted on December 01, 2017 The books have closed on 2018 union dues as of 5 pm yesterday, November 30, 2017. The Office is no longer accepting dues for 2018. Do to having over 1,000 members not pay dues last year we had to have a cut off as we have to pay 2018 dues to The National and State FOP by today December 1, 2017. To be reinstated please write a To/From, or email doreen@chicagofop.org, to the Retirement Committee and request to be reinstated. They have been very...

The Risk Of "NO BID"
Originally Posted on November 13, 2017 This article will assist officers in the art of selecting a watch for the 2018 calendar year. Click here for the full article.

City Offers Flu Shots
Originally Posted on November 01, 2017 The Chicago Department of Public Health will be offering Flu shots for all department members and their immediate family members at no cost from 0900 - 1500 hours on the following dates and locations: 03 November 2017 - Friday - Public Safety HQ - 3500 S. Michigan Ave. 07 November 2017 - Tuesday - Area Central - 5101 S. Wentworth Ave. 08 November 2017 - Wednesday - Area North - 2452 W. Belmont Ave. 15 November 2017 - Wednesday - 025t...

Thoughts And Prayers With Those In Las Vegas
Originally Posted on October 02, 2017 The Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 7 joins with other members of Law Enforcement throughout the country in offering our heartfelt condolences to the officers and civilians killed in the senseless, cruel, and brutal Las Vegas attack. We also offer our prayers to those in Law Enforcement and the many civilians who were wounded, as well. “This event and the aftermath is a terrible test for any First Responder. We admire their courage and their d...

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