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Contract Update
The Workforce Committee voted unanimously to approve phase one of our Contract and send it to the City Council for a vote. This vote should take place at the next City Council meeting on September 14th.

Sept. 3, 2021 Friday Update from President Catanzara

Sentencing in Officer Murillo's Case
Thursday September 2nd 1100 hours at 26 and California in room 706, the sentencing for the Offender in Officer Murillo's Aggravated battery case is being heard in Judge Obbish's courtroom. Please attend if you can, to support Officer Murillo.

Help Support Officer Yanez During His Recovery
Please consider donating today to support Officer Yanez's road to recovery. We are all still in disbelief of the incident that occurred on Saturday, August 7th, 2021, and what Chicago Police Officer Carlos Yanez, Jr., P.O. Joshua Blas, and his late partner P.O. Ella French endured. The physical harm done in addition to the psychological trauma everyone is experiencing should never have happened. During this incident, Carlos suffered from multiple gunshot wounds to the eye, brain, and should...

Bill Nolan's Celebration of Life Memorial Service

Fop Gift Shop Closed for Maintenance
The FOP Gift Shop will be closed until Monday August 30, 2021 for cleaning and restocking.

Vaccine Update 8/24/21
VACCINE UPDATE: FOP along with the Sgt's, Lt's, and Captains associations stood united and firm in their position against any mandate. The city has no formal policy as of yet. We expect some sort of draft language by the end of the week. The city acknowledged that it needs to negotiate this policy and it's affects with the unions. That's where it was left for now. We will have further talks once the city provides draft language.

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We pledge ourselves to promote the health and welfare of all Chicago Law Enforcement Officers and their immediate families; to raise and maintain the professional standards of the Chicago Law Enforcement Officer; and to represent Chicago Police Officers in affairs relative to the administration of the department.

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