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Election Update – Protest Concerning Bartlett February 2, 2023 Text Message Blast

The Election Committee has found merit to a protest filed against Bob Bartlett related to a text message blast disseminated on February 2, 2023. As an initial matter, since Bartlett disseminated this campaign material via text message, it did not require pre-approval of the Committee. However, as discussed at the January 17, 2023 Candidates meeting, Bartlett will be requested to verify how he obtained the phone numbers which he utilized to confirm that they did not derive from the Lodge’s database. Also, due to the seriousness of the allegation that “Catanzara is trying to rig the election” further inquiry by this Committee is warranted before issuing its final determination and remedy. However, since there is no question regarding the authenticity of the text message, the Committee has unanimously determined, as an interim remedy, to publicize on the Lodge’s website this determination along with the full decision of the Independent Election Judge issued on February 1, 2023 concerning the mailing of the Ballots prior to February 9, 2023 (link to full decision). It is the Committee’s hope that taking such swift action will refute Bartlett’s accusation concerning the election process.

Finally, the Committee stresses that it is committed to ensuring that a fair, honest, and open election occurs. Upon receiving Bartlett’s responses to the Committee’s additional inquiry, it will determine what, if any, additional remedy is appropriate to achieve that objective for this election.

- 2023 Election Committee

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