Change In Time Of Jackie Wilson Bond Hearing Tomorrow 

The FOP was informed today that there has been a change in the time of the bond hearing for Jackie Wilson tomorrow. Jackie Wilson has twice been convicted of murdering Officers William Fahey and Richard O'Brien in 1982. The hearing will be in the Courtroom of Judge William Hooks, room 301, on Thursday, June 21, but has been  re-scheduled to 8:30 am. The family could use the support of all police officers.

EAP/Officer Wellness Roll Call Training

During National Police Week (May 13-19, 2018), the Professional Counseling Division/Employee Assistance Program (EAP) began proactively conducting EAP/Officer Wellness roll call training city-wide. Peer support members are targeting officers in every district and unit. New EAP and Peer Support brochures and posters have been designed for disseminating and posting throughout the Department. This is EAP's effort to ensure officers are aware of the various services provided by EAP, and who their peer support members are. (A list of active peer support members can be accessed on the Peer Support link, via the EAP website, located on The WIRE.)

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