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RIP Fireman Michael Pickering
Our condolences go out to the family, colleagues, and all of Local 2 of Firefighter Michael Pickering during this difficult time of mourning.

Notice of Cancellation of "Tent City" during Police Week 2021

Friday Update - October 8, 2021

Pension Elections
PENSION ELECTIONS HAVE STARTED. The FOP Board of Directors overwhelmingly voted to endorse Tom Beyna and Mike Lappe

MOU Regarding Cancellation and Extension of Tours Settlement Agreement
Please Click here to view the entire Settlement Agreement

Friday Update- October 1, 2021

Vaccine Mandate Update 10/1/21
Members, As of now, the City has not issued a formal mandate. Only draft proposals have been presented by each side. As of today, any compliance with the self-reporting vaccination portal is strictly VOLUNTARY. The City is pushing the implementation of reporting vaccine status by the arbitrary Oct. 15th deadline set by the Mayor. The Unions are attempting to negotiate/bargain in good faith while the City repeatedly issues emails that are causing confusion and anxiety with the memb...

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We pledge ourselves to promote the health and welfare of all Chicago Law Enforcement Officers and their immediate families; to raise and maintain the professional standards of the Chicago Law Enforcement Officer; and to represent Chicago Police Officers in affairs relative to the administration of the department.

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