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Originally Posted on April 18, 2018

Decision In Police Shooting Case
Originally Posted on April 18, 2018 The FOP believes that a decision made be announced by a member of the Chicago Police Board concerning a fatal 2015 shooting Thursday, April 19, 2018 at the regular meeting of the Chicago Police Board. The FOP, which has denounced a previous ruling by COPA that the shooting was unjustified, is encouraging officers to attend.

Loyola Discount...
Originally Posted on April 13, 2018

Game Show Looking For Police Officers As Contestants
Originally Posted on April 10, 2018 CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP

Joe Aurelio And Jeremy Roenick Meet And Greet
Originally Posted on April 06, 2018

Run To Remember Registration...
Originally Posted on April 05, 2018 CLICK HERE TO REGISTER...

Criminal Justice Instructor Position Portland Community College
Originally Posted on April 05, 2018 For More Information, Click Here

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